This is my teaching blog for SWC 200 The Rhetoric of Blogging: Writing for an Invisible, Interactive Audience. Check here for assignments and to access class resources. I’ll be blogging along with you this semester, so the first thing you should do to get ready for this class is to set up a free gmail account if you don’t already have one, and add this blog to your Google Reader list.

Perhaps you already know how to set up a blog. Maybe you’ve been writing one for years. Or maybe you’re not sure what a blog is. Either way, you’re in the right class. We will not be focusing much on the technicalities of web design, instead we’re going to focus on how to write a blog–what writing, image, style, tone, and other rhetorical choices a writer might make. The topic of your blog and the direction in which you choose to take it, both during and after this course, is up to you…

This blog will be our home base. If you have specific questions about an assignment, feel free to post them as a comment on this blog. If they require a very timely answer, however, you’ll be better off emailing me.