I wanted to let you all know about this opportunity:

The Digital Media Commons announces its 6th annual Call for Proposals for Grant Opportunities [Collaborative Spaces], funded by the Office of the Provost. Since 2005, GROCS has supported 26 student-driven interdisciplinary explorations of the role digital tools might play in a future academic environment. You can read all about them at the GROCS website.

This year, with special thanks to Yahoo!, we are pleased to announce the Yahoo! Boost Awards. These new funds will be provided to the 2010 GROCS projects that wish to continue their work after the 2010 Winter semester is completed.

GROCS applicants have come from almost every major school and department, thanks in part to faculty members who help spread the word. We hope you’ll help again this year by forwarding the announcement below to students who may have an appropriate project in mind.

If anyone wants to apply, please let me know!