For Wednesday, please post something that uses images or video in a surprising way. What do I mean by surprising? Well, I suppose I mean do something you haven’t tried before. For example, illustrate the story you’re telling in that post in an unexpected way, not just by giving one or two pictures of things you mention, perhaps, but by telling the entire story in pictures, or by mixing up the order of the pictures so that the narrative is fractured, or by using images that are really funny/interesting/weird.

Or, you could take a cue from Maira Kalman and the idea of objects we were discussing today and scan something, or draw something, or otherwise take another step between the creation of material and the use of that material digitally. If blogging is partially about documenting our ideas and how we live, we might consider how we live in the tangible world by representing it online.

The goal is to try something new. If you’re still confused, I’ll do my own post using images here tomorrow, and explain what I’m doing.