Flying to Seattle this weekend to attend a dear friend’s wedding was not good for my cold, but the trip was beautiful.

we explored the market

[stock image]

we went to the art museum




[via art net]
we took the ferry across puget sound


[seattle magazine]

all the way to bainbridge island, where the wind whipped up the waves



now home, I’m sniffling again & trying to think about this photographer


[one to nothing project]


[one to nothing project]

wishing my desk looked like this

9.2.9 kim ludy 3

[apartment therapy]

because who could be sick, with a desk like that?

This is an example of how you might rely on images instead of only on words, to compose a post. I’m still making rhetorical choices…
You’ll also notice that I’ve linked credits to the images after the images themselves, and in one place ended up with a weird alignment issue. In trying to fix it, I realized it might have been more graceful to link the images themselves, with the instructions available here, which I recommend to all of you.