I’ve decided that when you all send me fabulous links/resources, I’m going to post them here and call them “bits” of some kind. I’ll tag them as both “bits” and as “resources” so you can search for either.

From Sarah, via the Wall Street Journal, a great article about censorship online.

And from Chelsey, the great Powerpoint on Flickr she presented in class today: flickrslideshow

update: editing this again to add a link to HootSuite and I’ll add a link to the other app Kristina recommended as soon as I get back to the office & look it up! In trying to find it I discovered the Twitter Fan Wiki, which is a bit crowded, but lists TONS of apps you can use to work with Twitter, which we’ll be doing in a couple of weeks. They all have such similar names that I’ve become overwhelmed. I think we’ve officially tapped out variations on “twit” and “tweet”. Some fresh ideas needed…