for fun–this is a little social media fun

Please read Kenneth J. Gergen’s article “The Self in the Age of Information” and respond to it in a comment to this post. Your response should consider the following: choose one section of the article (ex: “Truth: From Certainty to Social Construction”) and apply Gergen’s insights to one of the blogs we have evaluated so far. How do you see some of the ways he points out truth shifting and changing evolving in the blogosphere? Be as specific as possible.

It occurred to me after class today that the  end of our conversation about the Kindle might be very interesting to look back on five or ten years from now. We had previously been discussing how we couldn’t imagine living without email or getting information online, and I wonder if in a few years we’ll feel the same way about reading books and other course materials digitally–like how did we live before? It’s worth remembering that as we blog, we’re making choices that are helping to shape the medium, as well as online reading, whether we make choices thoughtfully or not.

It also occurred to me that we didn’t mention one key feature of the Kindle: “New York Times Best Sellers and most new releases are $9.99, and you’ll find many books for less” as Amazon touts. That’s actually pretty amazing–I could get hardcover bestsellers from $25 for a lot less. But does that cut into the author’s profits? I’ll have to do some more research. If anyone wants to learn more about the Kindle from the source read on here, for info on the possible Apple tablet, here, although it’s a bit dated (August). If anyone has better links, or can get us a Kindle to play with in class, the comments are open…