For Wednesday, October 28th, your assignment is to experiment with Twitter and to continue blogging. Please add me to your Twitter feed. If you want to keep tweeting after the course ends, you can block me or ask me to unfollow you–I won’t mind. I also hope you will all follow each other!

In preparation for our trip to the art museum on Wednesday, you may want to take a look at the museum web site, which contains oodles of interesting info on current and future exhibitions. Also, please read and examine the following scans from Richard Barnes’s book Animal Logic. Barnes scan. I scanned this from a large-format photography book, so you may have to enlarge it to read, but you can figure that out, right? We’ll be seeing this exhibition, and I think it has special relevance both to our previous discussions about Lawrence Weschler and the blog as curator of the web, and to your upcoming (so far very mysterious but soon to be explained!) group project.

Below is one gorgeous Barnes image. You can see more from the current exhibition at UMMA as well as his other work here.