Please email me your group proposal by midnight on Saturday. I should receive ONE email from each group. The proposal should include the following:

  • a description of the cabinet of wonder blog you hope to create on Tumblr, including who the ideal audience for this blog is and how you will keep the blog coherent–by which I mean the posts should have some connection to one another
  • a brief explanation of why you chose this particular topic/angle/theme/idea
  • a brief breakdown of who will be responsible for what in this group project
  • an explanation of how you will stay in touch with each other and discuss the blog as it develops in order to make changes, add new ideas, expand or reduce scope, etc. I’ll give you some in-class time to discuss these things, but I want to know how your group will work together–meetings in person? online contact? using what tools? status reports?

In addition, please continue blogging on your personal blogs as usual, thinking about building community and addressing the larger issues associated with your topics.

And please read the following short articles about Tumblr and be prepared to discuss on Monday. Some additional Tumblr links are below; exploring the site may give you new ideas about your group project. How might you think about the project differently now that you know you can easily post audio clips from your phones, for example?

Would You Take a Tumblr with This Man? (for discussion)

What the Hell is Tumblr? (for discussion)

An interesting news-based (or is it?) tumblr blog (I’m refusing to use the word “tumblelog”. I’m an English teacher, so I can do that.)

Tumblr group on Ning. If anyone wants to do a presentation on Ning, that would be interesting…

These links from Mashable might be slightly dated, given recent changes to Tumblr, but contain some interest even so

Tumblr’s own help page

Theme Garden! Make your group blog look really original!

Tumblr staff blog