First, here’s how to make your individual author pictures show up above your posts in your group blogs [THANKS, WHITSON]:

  1. Go to your group blog dashboard and click “Customize”
  2. Click “Theme” and when the HTML window appears, search for {/block:Title}:
  3. Paste the code below after {/block:Title}:

<p><img src={PostAuthorPortraitURL-64} /></p><em>Posted by {PostAuthorName}</em><p>&nbsp;</p>

That’s it!

Second, please read AND PRINT FOR CLASS this article. Then, answer the following question in a comment to this post:

The ways black holes work is a subject unfamiliar to many readers. What techniques does Robert Irion use to help his audience understand this unfamiliar subject?

Then, please answer this unrelated question, also in the comments: what else do you want to learn about blogging between now and the end of the course?


Here’s a roundup of some interesting blogging/social networking news links. A reminder that you can send me ones you discover!

Facebook alibi exonerates man (thanks, TJ)

UM has the best online media buzz of any school (thanks, Kristina)