Kristina has some great advice for building readers and buzz about your blog. She writes:

I was just thinking of driving traffic. One thing I forgot to mention is how powerful Twitter is for driving traffic. Anytime an article has mention of another site/blog/company, I would recommend finding their @Twitter account and then tweeting something like “Hey I wrote this exciting blog post about____ and link”. I see this on the other side of things. For instance, the other day someone wrote a tweet about the great content they wrote about what to wear during pregnancy. It was a great article so I RTed and 17,000 people potentially saw it. This drove a ton of traffic and in turn drove traffic to our ecommerce site. Even if that site/company does not retweet if anyone searches the company/sites name that entry will be shown in search results. Also, if the content is good or you are driving traffic to another site (i.e. if all the students in the class clicked on the link), that company/site might reward you. For instance, if there is a small blog with great content, I will RT or @reply them. Also, I will product test them and they MAY/or may not write a post driving more traffic since they have an exclusive product. I also may give a blogger an exclusive scoop, if they even mentioned the company in a post.

Also, even if they don’t necessary link, it could be pulled. For instance, I use Radian6, a monitoring program and there is also a more simple version for anyone that is free, social mention. This allows people to search a keyword and find anything related to it i.e. blogs and micromedia like Twitter.