Before the assignment details, a quick word about assessment. Your constant assignments right now are to: twitter 3x/week, blog on your individual blog 3x/week, and blog on your group blog 5x/week. It is very easy for me to see if you are doing this, and some of you are falling behind. This is not okay. It’s not going to work to “catch up” on a week’s worth of posts in one day, or on two weeks’ worth in one week–it’s not how real bloggers operate because readers abandon your blog without regular infusions of new content. We have have three weeks of class left (it’s true!). So make yourself a schedule. Use the weekend or the Thanksgiving break to stockpile some posts in your queue–remember you can set them to post in the future on a day when you’ll be too busy studying for an exam. I am keeping track…

On to the weekend assignment:

First, read this post by blogger Theremina, and then, read this one by blogger Rachel Mercer.

Finally, listen to this story from Marketplace, (you could just read the transcript, but it’s more fun to listen to the story, in my opinion) and read Sally’s blog post about her media diet.

These texts raises several questions I think we need to discuss. First, what do you think about Mercer’s point that “curation is actually a necessary step in the creative process”? Or do you think reblogged content is less valuable in some critical way, or that it cheapens the blog? What do you think of Theremina’s call to take a break from blogging: “Because if we all turn away from this big, hot communal hall of scrying mirrors for a bit, and focus inward instead, upon the true, white spark that sits in everyone’s belly, maybe we won’t feel so hollow and lonely and dependent on energy from outside sources.” Phew! A bit overwritten, sure, but accurate? Are you getting something from your online relationships and the creation you do digitally, or do you feel it turning you away from “real” life in a negative way?

Comments most welcome, but not required. It would be great to have some honest discussion below before we tackle these issues in class.

Here are the links I used in class about how to increase your blog traffic and build community:

Darcie Dennigan’s teaching blog

the 2009 webblog awards