For discussion after the break, I’d like you to consider the rhetoric of twitter and the implications of comments. These links require more reading than you might expect, so allow some time for this assignment. Please post a comment to this link with thoughts on the questions.

First, please consume (read & watch) this link. What do you think of the writer’s points about twitter rhetoric (narrative flowing backwards, messages removed from context). How has twittering and reading classmates’ tweets so far changed the way you’re thinking about information?

Second, please read this article by Timothy Egan AND THE COMMENTS (you can skim, but I would like you to attempt to get through them all.) Are comments at all useful in conducting online discussion and debate? Why or why not? Can you think of a better way to harness the democracy the web allows but to somehow mediate the throng?

Please write a post on your individual blogs over the break that explicitly solicits comments from your readers.

Finally, here are two additional links I’d like to discuss next Monday.

Allison Glock: “I Blame Blogs”

“Did You Know 4.0”

I’ll be on email (& Google Wave–wavemail?) sporadically from Wed-Sun. Happy Thanksgiving.