It’s amazing, but the end of the term is upon us. To wit, please complete the following tasks for Wednesday:

1) Choose one person in your group (or more, up to you!) to do an audio post on Tumblr. Let’s experiment with what could be the next wave of blogging. Okay, I’m overstating it, but we are all attached to our phones, right? You can find instructions on the “Goodies” page of your Tumblr Dashboard.

2) Critique, with an equal emphasis on the positive and the to-be-improved, each others’ group blogs in a comment on this post. Members of each group will complete this assignment individually, but feel free to talk about it among yourselves. Here’s the round robin:

Idiot of the Day will critique Beat Strugs
Beat Strugs will critique It’s Not You…
It’s Not You…will critique The Blogozine
The Blogozine will critique Idiot of the Day

Think about the following questions:

  • As a reader of this blog, how well is it fulfilling your expectations for a curated space about its topic?
  • How do you find the balance of content forms–images, links, text, etc.
  • Do you enjoy the reblogged content or the original content more/less/indifferent ways? Explain.
  • What do you feel like you are learning from the blog?

A few helpful HTML-related links for your enjoyment; feel free to send me more:
HTML examples

Wikipedia on HTML, with assorted links

Web design group at UM