You will each present to the class for 10-15 minutes this semester. With the enormous growth of free web services related to web sites, blogging, and making blogging more fun/useful/visual/interactive, it’s hard to keep up, and harder still to judge which services and widgets, if any, might be usefully integrated into our own blogs. So we’ll try to help each other learn.

Choose a topic, email me which one you want to do, and I’ll label it on this list.

Possible presentation topics:

  • how to do an easy podcast
  • how to add a particular widget to your blog and why you should
  • mBlog–pros and cons–Erin Erin’s PPT on MBlog
  • Google tool of some kind–why it’s useful or what would be better
  • why keep a directory when you have a blog? Or review a similar service–Dana
  • using Flickr with a blog–Chelsey Chelsey’s Flickr PPT
  • Blogger–pros & cons–Jordan
  • jott it
  • the effect that blogging and eReaders have on books and our attention spans–Sarah Sarah’s PPT
  • MarsEdit for Mac, and perhaps the pros and cons of using with WordPress–Whitson
  • Hootsuite and Cotweet–Kristina
  • Arthur–Digg and StumbleUpon
  • Picnik–TJ
  • Tumblr intro–Adam
  • Ning–Lindsey
  • Typepad–Adie Typepad ppt

These are just suggestions, but I would love it if we covered them all this semester. You’ll notice that Tumblr and Twitter do not appear here. That’s because we will be experimenting with them both in the second half of the semester.


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